So long Sugar!

I know I need to  drink water, I know that I should eat less carbs, less chocolate and eat more grains.  I know these things, but knowing them and putting them into practice is a challenge for me.  When I go on a healthy bandwagon for an hour or two, I feel great.  As soon as I eat that bagel or piece of chocolate, I feel gross. So why do I continue this pattern????  These are the kinds of questions that I think about when I run.  On Sunday after running, I felt amazing – I ran almost 7 km!  Food didn’t make me feel euphoric…hard work and trusting my body to not give up made me feel that way.    I need to change the way that I think about food.

Tomorrow, I am going to see Amanda Grant, a registered nutritionist at LifeMark.  She has run with our group for the last two weeks.  She brings treats and tips to the runs – like everyone else involved, she wants us to succeed. Without the support of the Team Myles program, I don’t think that I would have picked up the phone to make an appointment to see her.  This program is all about progression and trust.  Now that I know that I can run from Point Pleasant Park to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and probably beyond, I am ready to tackle sugar. This week I want to say goodbye to sugar.

I am really excited to meet with Amanda because I know that she, along with everyone involved in Team Myles believes in us.  This journey is just not about completing a race.  It is about learning to believe in ourselves one step at a time with the help of a strong and mighty entourage.    Go Team Myles!


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