Running rules.

Apparently there’s running rules! Who knew!

When I decided to learn to run last summer I thought; a pretty pair of shoes, fun tunes, and my little running app was all I needed.  Wellllll…turns out there’s a few more things I needed to know.

This morning I went to the Running Room. Wasn’t really sure what to expect,  but man did I ever leave with a noggin full of knowledge! Like, wow! I was doing it alllllll wrong. Starting from the way I took my shoes off! (Actually,  my shoes themselves were problemo numero uno, but we’ll just skip over that. )

Once my new Running Room friend saw how I removed my shoes (like I’ve done my whole life, by just slipping them off) he pause and said: Ok,ok,ok. It looks to me like we’re gonna need to teach you some rules!

RULE#1- ALWAYS UNDO/ DO UP YOUR LACES. PERIOD(Slipping your shoe on and off with the laces intact is a big no-no! #guilty #fail)

RULE #2- A.B.C.= ANYTHING BUT COTTON! ESPECIALLY SOCKS! (I’ve never put any thought into my socks… #fail2 )

RULE #3- NO WEARING THE RACE SHIRT ON RACE DAY. (I’ll be wearing my TEAM MYLES one, but apparently it’s a faux pas to wear it. Who knew! You can wear last year’s one, and the new shirt as much as you want after your run, but apparently not during.)


I learnt SOOOO much today, and there were defnetly more rules, but these were the top 3 he kept quizzing me on in the store LOL.

Stay tuned for next time when I talk about my chiropractor visits .


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