Listen to Your Body…. Lesson Learned

I’ve had a major setback in the past couple of weeks. I slipped on some ice a couple Thursdays ago on the way to Citadel Hill training¬†which jarred my back. I was fine so I went to work the next day. That day, I had an incident which jarred my back again. I took some time off from work and was feeling great the next Thursday so I went for a run and to yoga. On Friday morning I stood up from sitting on a couch and threw out my back. That resulted in an ambulance trip to emergency because my back was spasming. The pain was excrutiating! ¬†I went to pick up some medication on Saturday and my back started spasming while getting into my friends car. That meant another ambulance ride and trip to emergency. I can’t say thank you enough to the wonderful paramedics, doctors, and nurses that helped me relieve my pain.

I’m so thankful for our main sponsor, Lifemark right now. I’ve gone to physio three times this week and it turns out it’s a hip flexor injury and not my back like I originally thought. My muscles were so tense that they were spasming and my hip was sticking way out. I am still crooked when I stand, but that is going down. Robyn at Canada Games Centre has been working her magic and I’m slowly starting to feel better. She says I should be back up and hopefully running soon. At this point I’m allowed to walk a bit again which is fabulous news.

I am having MAJOR FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) right now seeing all the posts and pictures of Team Myles on their runs, but I know I will be with them in some form soon. They are working so hard and I am so proud of their progress. I am living through them vicariously right now so ladies, PLEASE keep posting!!! I miss you all and can’t wait to see you all again very soon.

Listen to your body!

Listen to your body!

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