Has it really been so long?

We are into our second month of training now. Um, where did the time go? This week we started running for 5 minute and walking for 1. Rinse and repeat 8-9 times. I can hardly believe that a month ago going 1:1 was hard! It has not always been the easiest road. Shin splits that made me want to cry, thankfully Leeanne #Lifemark recommended exercises and compression socks, and trying to catch your breathe in -25 wind chill weather. Every week doubting that you are going to be able to complete your next interval. But the team is always there with “do you”.

What is “do you”?

Stop comparing yourself to everyone else. I always want to start at the beginning. I want to keep up. While that will push me outside of my comfort zone, it also is detrimental to my endurance. I push too hard at the beginning and flag about half way through.

It’s ok to slow down. You don’t have to rush this. It’s a process. Can’t run a 4 minute mile? Well getting to that finish line in whatever your time is feels AWESOME. The team waits and cheers, a double row of high fives.

Do what feels right for your body. I will admit that I have been having difficulties keeping up with intervals. I’ve had to walk. I’ve struggled with a sense of defeat when I have had to. It’s not defeat to push when you can push, give your body that time to recover.

The journey would not be nearly as much fun without such an amazing team. Just walking down Barrington after work feeling tired and grouchy, I run into Kristen and suddenly I’m on my way to yoga at #Tays. Let’s do it right? We walked into an intermediate class! We had not been to a class in…. well we might as well be new. But we conquered that warrior 1,2, and 3!

What an awesome team and truly one of the best journeys I’ve been on!

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