HARE, I am not…….

I’m quite OK with being the Tortoise. Slow and steady wins the race right?

My personal goal with Team Myles is to finish doing my personal best. Day 1 when we all met to learn more about this adventure my plan was to run the 5k. I’ve done the 5k a few times in the past, trained but not really trained and finished at a decent time. I was happy with my result. It was clear that 5k wasn’t going to be my goal from day 1. 10k or bust!

I’m a glass half full kinda girl. I can do anything, I know that (with the exception of sky-diving or bungee jumping, neither are on my bucket list). This journey for me is not about “Can I do it”, it’s “How I do it”. I’ve made a commitment to do my best 10k. It’s not a competition. It’s about me, for me, which is not something I do often. That means getting my training in and making myself the priority. I missed a few sessions with a recent family trip but overall I’m happy with my performance to date. I show up, give it my all and include a smile where possible 😉

Yes my back is sore, my legs are sore and my arms are sore. When I push through it, it goes away, I feel better and I’ll get better. I am 40 after all and that goes with the territory. It’s a matter of getting up anyway and working through it. There will come a time when my bones and muscles get used to it if I keep going.

If you see us out there, give us a beep, wave, fist bump or cheer. We’ve got an awesome team and we can all use that extra support boost!
Till next time……

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