Sunday’s are for running. Ya, anyone that knew me prior to my journey with Team Myles have probably re-read that sentence a couple times. Who woulda thought? Certainly not me. I never in a million and 1 years thought that I would be a runner and now I can truly say I am. Running has brought me to quite a few places. Literally and figuratively. I have learned quite a bit during this experience.

Like, Halifax is tiny! Setting out to do a run as our time got longer and longer and I’d end up in places that I thought were super far and I would normally take the bus too. That really puts it into perspective for me.

My body is changing and I feel capable. I am capable. You couldn’t have convinced me this was going to change my life. I no longer hate my body. That doesn’t mean I am accepting it but my body is doing this, even after years of disrespect, it is getting me to a point of strength and health and I have no hate for something that’s not giving up.

I cry. A lot. Every week I hit a milestone that I couldn’t hit the week before. Someone on my team is usually pushing me to hit it. This week, I really wanted to quit in my 7th km. Like I was just done. Ready to go home. Call a cab and get out of dodge but today I was running with Coach Jeanette and yes, she let me feel sorry for myself for one minute. She timed it. Then she told me I had to start back up and no stopping for that interval. I am not sure how she knew that I thrive in tough love situations but I do. I know I wouldn’t have kept going if she wasn’t by my side. People wanting to see other people succeed just does something to me. It takes over me.
Music makes me happy. The right song seems to come on at the perfect time and gets me through a tough part or can get me out of my head.
I think about coffee and sausage while I run, a lot. Like, I don’t know if it’s normal to fantasize about an after run coffee and breakfast but I do and it’s glorious.
I talk about running all of the time and my friends don’t hate me for it and if they do, they are super sweet and let me go on and on. I appreciate that. So much.
I am more confident even when I’m not running. I go through life with just a little more ease than I did before.
The connections. We run in three weeks. While yes, some of us will go our separate ways there are some women that are stuck with me. For life. Don’t worry ladies, It’s kinda like running, it gets a bit easier after a while.

Today with the support of Jeannette, I ran 11.24km.

Excuse me while I cry


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  1. Louise LeDucMay 1, 2018 at 9:15 pm #

    You are amazing Kristen! You are an inspiration. See you on the road!

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