But have you ever run in Jeaneggings?

Today was our first day of 6:1’s and I was panicked because today was also the first time I was going to miss the long run and have to do it alone. Ugh, alone. I’m what I like to call an extroverted introvert. I love being around people but I also love being by myself, so this whole running club has been perfect for me. I get to chat and laugh with these wonderful strong women before and after a run but when the run starts I put my ear buds in and my head down, figuratively of course and just go. But today I didn’t have my squad. No laughs before or after my 6:1’s. I also sometimes find a nice little home in the world of self pity.I have become incredibly aware of in the last year or so thanks to another group of incredible women I hang out with regularly. I am able to push through the ‘whoa is me’, finish my shift at work and head down to GoodLife. I’m in the change room pulling all my stuff out of my backpack which included two pairs of running shoes because you know, two pairs of shoes and no leggings….I forgot my leggings. The following is what went through my brain in about 43 seconds. What am I gonna do? I know, I’ll go home and just do my run outside. No you won’t. You’ll go home and put on 13 Reasons Why. Okay, I’ll run(and by run I mean cab) home and grab my leggings and I’ll come back. No you won’t. Okay, these pants I’m wearing kinda look like leggings. They don’t feel like leggings but they look like leggings. Kristen just do it. Just do it.

So I head out of the change room and I’m sporting my most unflattering gym outfit yet and I hop on the treadmill. I have been having a hard time with the first part of my runs lately so I decide I’m gonna make my warm up a bit more challenging. I put it on full incline and walk for uphill for 5 min (which isn’t so bad anymore thanks to the hill training our awesome coaches make us do and our mentors get us through) not only did I switch up my warm up, I also switched up my playlist. Today was 00’s Agro Anthems (I am a very happy person, not to worry) and that combination was working for me once I started my intervals. I’m feeling good. Wow, I’m getting through these intervals. Oh crap, I’m overheating. I need to take these pants off. I have nothing to change in to. Man, I’m gonna have to wear these pants forever. Kristen stop thinking about your damn pants. Focus on your breathing. Okay, everyone else in the gym is focused on your breathing. Why isn’t everyone listening to music? Especially the guy beside me. Man, please listen to music. He’s on his phone, maybe he is getting 911 ready. And just like that my 6 min interval is done. Then it came down to my last two intervals and honestly, I didn’t feel like getting in the zone two more times so I figure I won’t walk at the 6 minute mark and I am just gonna merge the 2 x 6 minutes together. I made it about 7 min and I was about to walk and then I thought about a blog I read this morning. In the blog the author wrote “this is supposed to be hard” and with that, I finished 13 minutes of straight running. I really can do so much more than I ever thought I could and I owe a lot of that all the wonderul humans that make up Team Myles.

I finished 7.53 km today and I feel incredibly grateful.


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