10k = Nutella.

Just over 8 weeks ago when our coaches and mentors told us we should sign up for the 10k run. I thought they were nuts. I could somewhat do a 5k on my own, and the thought of having to do that twice seemed SUPER overwhelming.
It took me around 40 mins to do my little 5k route, and I’d be so exhausted  by the end of it I couldn’t imagine being able to run any further.

This past Sunday we started our 8:1’s. (run for 8 minutes, walk for 1) And we were to do it 8 times for a total of 72mins. 72 MINUTES??!!! Are they crazy?!!!
I thought, sure… whatever… I’ll just be in the bushes, you guy’s will come back this way right? 72 minutes… ya ok.
I figured I’d do what I can, and meet up with everyone at the end.  72 minutes… Eesh.

Once the run started I was surprised how quickly I got out of my self doubt mindframe.  I was so busy looking around at all the people in the park, and just enjoying the nature that  it wasn’t long before I found my stride. Somehow I  managed to catch up with the front of the pack. (Well, minus 2 of them, they’re like gazelles,  I think I even saw dust fly behind them! Haha)
I thought,  this is a good speed, I can do this. What’s 72 mins? We must be half way by now? (Literally in the first interval of 8. Lol) But in reality, I had no sweet clue what direction we were running in, and I didn’t want to get lost in the park, so i thought it best to just keep pace with these guys. 😉
Our little group of 4 or 5 dwindled down for various reasons, and I ended up running the rest of our run with my mentor Melissa. Which helped a lot! She’s such an inspiration. She was just like me last year, and is currently training for her first half marathon this fall! Talk about bad a**!
It was so nice to chatt and run with someone. I found it made the time go by a lot quicker, and kept me motivated.
When we got to the end of our 72 minutes I was eager to check my little app and see how far I ran. 10.54kms! Wowzies!  Still can’t believe it! How far I’ve come in 8 weeks is amazing to me! I did it.
This time last year, or any year before this rather, if you would of told me I’d be a runner,  or run for over an hour ,I’d laugh in your face. Now? I can’t imagine my life without it. I’m so glad I found something I love, and so thankful for this team. I would not be able to do this without them.
Some of the team members like to go out for brunch after our Sunday runs,  and I hadn’t really been able to until this week, but a 10k deserves brunch, and Nutella french toast seemed like the right choice! Lol. Also, who better to celebrate with than the women who inspire me. ♡


I’ve spent lots of quality time with my lacrosse ball and foam roller today. My quads are on fire! (And not in the good way! Lol) 20170423_125139IMG_20170424_194440 20170423_141638

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