You’re not alone

And in walks the coach who’s never blogged before… I’m currently fixated on why my face (picture) isn’t showing up beside my name haha I promise I’m not vain, I’m just not technically savvy.

I may have never officially blogged but I do have a Facebook page where I have been sharing my fitness journey for the last couple years, Finding Fierce. So I’m not completely new sharing my story, but I have been where many of you are in more ways then blogging.

I’ve been the girl that made the decision to make a change and was terrified to do it.

About 4 years ago I was standing outside of a fitness centre and saying to myself “you can do this, just go in there and see what happens. What is the worst that can happen? Be open” and I’m so happy I did. That day I signed up for personal training and a 6 month gym membership. My insurance company was covering it because I had a whiplash injury and my chiropractor recommended it so what did I have to lose. Who would think that an unfortunate situation like a car accident would lead an almost 300lb girl to completely changing her life. There are blessings in even the crappy situations we just don’t always see it until we step back from it and evaluate.

What would transpire over the next 4 years was nothing short of a miracle (to me). I blew my own mind. And I know you will all do the same. I lost 145lbs. I have ran 3 half marathons. I have had numerous injuries/struggles (minor but still bumps in the road) that I’ve overcome. I changed my diet. I changed my life. I saved my life.

Today, I have gained back some of the weight and I’m working on my running again post half marathons (they took a toll on my body – a break was needed). My journey continues and I maintain a healthy lifestyle and learn to juggle the everyday ups and downs that life brings us. No road is seamless and I’m happy for that. It’s the bumps in this journey that have brought me here. It’s the bumps that have led me to you. It’s the bumps that have made me stronger. It’s the bumps that push me to keep going. I end all my posts with ‘just keep going’ because it signifies to me to never give up. So what you ate ice cream and pizza tonight. Don’t let that take away from all your success or your efforts to make your life better and instead of self-sabotage, forgive yourself and get back to healthier choices more often. If you take anything away from this post I hope you remember to just keep going.

And YOUR AWESOME!! Can’t wait to meet everyone!


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