The Voice

Yesterday, I was running behind one of the coaches and another team member.  We were almost finished our 3 and 1 intervals and we were tired, sore and done.  One of the women in front of me stopped and started walking.  It took a mere second for the coach to put her arm on the woman’s shoulder and tell her she could do it.  I saw my team mate take a breath and start running again.  All it took was a kind word and gesture to keep her motivated.  In that moment of kindness, my eyes filled up with tears. It was such a small gesture, but the power of encouragement was not lost on me.

So often, we listen to others and especially ourselves telling us that we can’t do something.  We have that voice in our head that plants seeds of self-doubt, telling us that we are too big, too weak, too loud, too this and too that to ever accomplish anything.  Before the run yesterday, many women were convinced that the run was going to be too hard and that we were going to fail.  Many of us listened to that voice that said we couldn’t do it.  But guess what…we all did it.  We started together and we ended together.  We cheered, we gave each other high-fives.  When that last interval was finished, we smiled, we cried, and we collectively silenced the voice of self-doubt that screams so loudly in our minds.

Yesterday, was a turning point for me and I have my team mates to thank for that.  Seeing Leanne Huck encourage someone with such a small gesture of kindness and encouragement filled my heart with such gratitude.  I am so lucky to be part of a team that inspires kindness, encouragement and support.  Not only did I regain some lost confidence yesterday, but I felt a little pep in my step knowing that I ran for 32 minutes.  It may not mean much to others…but it was 32 more minutes than I ran the day before.  And I know that I wouldn’t have done that run on my own.  I would have listened to the voice and made an excuse.  But because I am committed to my team and this goal…I did it.  We all did it. And that means just as much as the run itself.





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  1. Leanne Strathdee
    Leanne StrathdeeMarch 20, 2017 at 7:54 pm #

    Well done you! It’s a tremendous accomplishment and you should be very proud!

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