Sometimes the hardest thing…

…is taking that first step.

I am taking that leap of faith to believe, to trust in this process.  The support and encouragement I’ve felt in the last week is very humbling. The team has made it easy…safe…to ask for help.

I will admit, I walked into that kickoff meeting nervous.  Am I going to be the oldest? Am I physically capable of doing this? What the hell am I doing??? Ah, those pesky inner voices. Sometimes even a confident woman can hide a scared little girl inside. I’ve been faking it for years!

I met people that night who shared incredible stories of heartache and resilience. They were authentic and open-hearted and real. I appreciated the both the honesty and the humour.

On the way home I cried. I felt such relief I wasn’t alone. We have all traveled such different paths to get to the very same place.






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