My Heart is BURSTING With Pride

I am incredibly honoured and thrilled to be back on Team Myles for a second year. This year I am back as a mentor and couldn’t be happier about it.  The Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon selection team did an amazing job of choosing members of Team Myles Halifax and Truro, which is a new team this year. The women on Team Myles 2017 are all so incredibly motivated and determined, that you can see it shining from each and every one of them. My heart is already bursting with pride as I watch them all go through this adventure to the GoodLife FITNESS 10K race on May 21st.

Last year at the Team Myles 2016 launch, I remember sitting in the lobby of the Delta Barrington until the very last second before the event started. I was PETRIFIED.  How could I ever think I could run? Let alone run a 10K. I learned last year that with a heck of lot of work and determination, that indeed, it is possible. Running in and finishing that 10K last year was one of the best experiences of my life. I AM a runner.

This year at the Team Myles 2017 launch, I felt completely different walking in. I KNEW it was possible to go from little no running experience to the 10K through the Team Myles program. In walked 20 beautiful women that were in the exact same mindset that I was in last year. My job as a mentor is to help them realize that YES you can do this. It’s not as scary as you think. I could see in the first week that they were all ready for the challenge and they have been rocking the training!

As part of the Team Myles program, we do interval training. We started off at 1 minute running and 1 minute walking and each week we increase the intervals by 1 minute. This can be pretty scary for newer runners. The night before we ran the 3:1 intervals, the group was feeling a collective nervousness. The secret that myself, the other mentors, and coaches knew was that the ladies could totally do this, they just have to tell themselves yes they can instead of no they can’t.  It’s definitely not an easy feat to erase that self-doubt, but the day of the run those ladies had no self-doubt left. They ran and pushed themselves to do those 3 minute intervals and you could see the pride on their faces when they realized they did it! It IS possible. They now know it’s possible. Oh, my heart! I just adore each and every one of these ladies.

The journey has just begun and I am so proud to be a part of it.




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