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Point Pleasant Park

Point Pleasant Park

I was very eager to sign up as a mentor this year as I had such a terrific experience as a member in 2016 that I wanted to be a part of it again and watch the new team have as good if not a better lifestyle experience.

I had to leave the launch party early as I had to go to a meeting and then I missed the first meeting with the mentors and coaches because I had to work. Being a single Mom with a full time job and a part time job that has evolved into 3 nights per week, as well as being part of two other organizations, I found myself getting very stressed as I was really worried about not being able to give 100% of my efforts to my team. . I also knew I had to get my butt in gear so I could properly mentor.

With the first run with Team Myles 2017 getting closer and closer I had to find the time to get out and run even though I was “too busy” so I managed to get out for a couple of runs as well as a couple of treadmill runs. It was tough to schedule as I was working so much, and never had the time nor the energy. I was always tired and always stressed but regardless of how I was feeling I had to get out there and run. After completing a few runs however I quickly realized that these runs were giving me back the energy, the motivation and the determination that I had been lacking over the cold winter weeks. Suddenly my stress levels didn’t seem to be totally out of whack and upon finishing a run I would quite often catch up on my sadly lacking housework or get those odd jobs I was too tired to tackle finally completed.

A few of those runs happened with a friend who I have continued running with from Team Myles 2016. Just getting out, staying honest to yourself about your run, having that friend to keep you going when you really want to stop, and realizing that you have almost completed your run but were too busy chatting to notice ……. that is just another huge perk that comes from Team Myles. Jacquelyn has encouraged me through injuries, she has listened to my tales of woe, and has reminded me (ok – maybe sometimes almost guilted me) in to going for a run when I was just too tired.

I have discovered that being a runner brings you into a whole new community of friends and I hope that each and everyone in Team Myles 2017 discovers a friendship that will last miles after the finish line just like I did. I have also discovered that I am way too busy…… to not run!

So on those days (and I know you will have lots of them) when you are sure you are far too busy to run, remind yourself of how truly great you feel after a run. You will discover that energy you need to keep up with the busy lives we all have!

Enjoy the journey and remember ….. you are way too busy to not run!

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