Getting stronger.

Last week I got my rump kicked into hard drive. I started my journey with Team Myles, and what do I have to say about it?

I’m. So. Sore.

Sore and tired.

But is it weird that I actually  like it? I like knowing that I’m on the path of getting stronger. Most people adopt a ‘healthier lifestyle’ to loose weight.  (I won’t lie, so did I.)  But somewhere along the way that goal shifted.

I want to be strong. Not like crazy She-Ra strong, but just stronger than I was yesterday.

Today was freezing. (We’re talking eyelashes turned into icicles freezing!)   The kind of day when you make a fire and bundle up with all of the sweaters and all of the blankets. But regardless of the sub zero temperature, this team of amazing women showed up ready to work! (With multiple layers of course!)

I was sore, tired, and frozen.  But once I saw some team members gather I hopped out of my warm(ish) car, smile on my face, and ready for more! Who am I?!? I definitely would not have done that last year!

This body of mine better keep up, I’ve got big plans for it! (Right now it’s a tub full of Epson salts… but still!)



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