Finding my way

I have found you again thanks to Carlee! Today was fantastic. I know we are suppose to be blogging about our trials and triumphs but I just feel I have already won this race. I have overcome my health and physical obstacle and I’m feeling like a super hero! It’s true I spend 4 days a week visiting chiropractors, massage therapists, having acupuncture and osteopath but this isn’t new, now I just have a reason to hurt. In all honesty I hurt less now than I did before I started running! I’m back at the gym lifting weights 5 days a week and I’m even coaching track at the high school (ok they really just needed someone to drive the bus lol).

I think if I have an issue it would be that I don’t feel part of the team because I don’t stick with them. I put my headphonges on I set my interval timer and I go. I can’t talk I can’t walk for more than a minute, if I lose my momentum I’m done! This usually means I’m running alone at the front back or middle it doesn’t matter I just have to focus on taking the next step and that means ignoring everyone and every thing around me. I don’t think that was the purpose behind joining the team but I keep repeating the mantra “my race my pace” and hope the rest of the team understands it’s what works for me. I totally support everyone doing this and anyone who wants or needs to vent or chat before or after the run I’m there! I’m looking forward to yoga Thursday when I can work with the group!

Well that’s it that’s where I’m at this week. I nailed 5:1, I got new clothes and I learned some healthy eating habits to make me race ready! Over all I’m thrilled to be part of this journey!

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