And it begins…

Last Sunday, I had my first run with all the amazing people involved with Team Myles.  I was ready to fail…I was ready to huff and puff and fall and fail.  That’s what I told myself was going to happen.  While I may feel like I am 25 in my head, my hips don’t lie.  On Sunday morning on the drive over to LifeMark at SMU, I kept telling myself that I must have lost my mind to think that I could train for a 10k.

We introduced ourselves, shared our reasons for wanting to do this and then we ran.  One minute walk…one minute run.  We did this for 20 minutes.  Every one of those minutes was amazing…they were amazing, because I am running towards a goal.  I am running to be healthy for myself and my family.  I didn’t fall and I didn’t fail.  I did it and I actually really liked it.

We all may stumble along this journey, but Team Myles will stand with each other and cross that finish line together.  Go Team Myles!


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