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Hello and my name is Heather Bennett, a customer service representative who has a love of crafts. I love to make cards, my own soaps, lip chaps, paintings, and an assortment of other things. My first thought when I see something is: can I make that?

I have a bouncing relationship with working out. A few years ago I was heavy and did not like how I was living my life. I started a healthy eating regiment, started trying different work outs, and started cycling. I tried the great classes at #Goodlife, got hooked on weight lifting, got a bike and decided to train to ride that seat to my grandparent’s. I made it to just before Truro from Halifax in about 8 hours and was in the best shape of my life. But then my lifestyle changed and I lost all that progress.

It is so difficult to start that journey again but I was eager for the support that Team Myles offers. I wasn’t going to be alone. I walked into the orientation with anxiety. Honestly, what had I signed up for? I thought I would only do 5km for the Bluenose. Then mentors began sharing their experience. You can do this! Trust me, they said, we didn’t believe we could do this either last year!

I went home thinking “Yeah! 10km here I go!”

This week makes me remember just how hard that training is. I got nervous for my first run on Sunday. Running for 1 min then walking 1 minute. I made it, I stayed by Leanne the whole time and she talked me through form, challenges that she encountered and called us Warrior Princesses. I made it that first day and got to my solo run on Tuesday. I had the day off and was thinking “I don’t really need to do I?” and “Well I could just go for a while.” I went. I got on the treadmill at #Goodlife, started the 1 minute intervals and was thinking “I CAN’T”. There is more to this journey than just running. More than what you eat. There is a mental training to get through to the goal. I could hear my mentor chanting that I was a Warrior Princess and that I did this the other day, there was no reason I couldn’t do it today! I made it through. I may have gotten a few looks as I lip synced Walk This Way. I was almost a little sad that it had ended!

The team is amazing: when I posted that I was going to go to BodyPump at #Goodlife during Katie’s class on Wednesday, Leanne from #Lifemark was great in making sure I didn’t over train as we have our Hill runs today. I am a bit sore and anxious again but I know everyone is feeling those aches and pains. I will get through to the end of our run and be smiling with #TeamMyles2017 as we rock this! Wait. Was that snow I saw out there? GOING ANYWAY!


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