New goals.

Being a super chatty hairdresser, people are usually surprised when I tell them I’m really nervous in big crowds. So meeting everyone at the launch last Thursday had my  stomach in knots. I was definitely out of my comfort zone!  We were told to meet and mingle, and what I really wanted to do was hide in a corner. Everyone was so warm and nice that towards the end of it I felt a lot better. I was so moved by everyone’s stories, and left the party empowered and motivated to start training!

Last year I dedicated myself to eating healthier and exercising more. I gave myself little goals, and told myself that little changes will add up. And they did! Slowly but surely I lost 40lbs. I started running this past summer, and believe me it wasn’t pretty. Lol 

I’m so excited to be part of such a positive group like Team Myles! To learn how to run properly, get amazing care from the folks at Lifemark, and get coached on how to possibly run a 10k. (Something I’d never be able to do on my own!)

I’ve never given myself a fitness goal before, just took it day by day. But now… my goal is to run a 10k. And if I survive?  Possibly train for a half in the future! So happy to be part of this amazing team with some amazing women.  We’re gonna crush it!

This all being said…. running up Citadel scared the $*** outta me!

I’ll do my best to keep you all posted on my progress!  Bluenose here I come!


I’m a terrible speller! My apologies for my terrible grammar. Hopefully over the next 10 weeks I’ll  get better at writing too!


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