With a little help from my friends

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of the amazing sponsors who stuck by us as we went from regular people to Team Mylers. Every run was made better by your support, and this weekend as we cross the 10k finish line, we’ve got you to thank.

Delta Hotels – Thank you for providing a venue for us to gather! Firstly, the launch party, where we got to know each other and learned about this opportunity. Secondly, the lovely room you’ve provided us with to meet up as a team on race day, I cant tell you how special that is. Finally, the brunch and celebrations to follow.

Recharge with Milk – Every run and workout was complete with our chocolate milk, thank you! Not to mention, the amazing swag. It showed up on one of the coldest weeks during training, with the warmest sweaters and buffs, even lip balm! Perfect! Thank you!

Coleen Nolan, Inner Peas Nutrition – Thank you for meeting us at the beginning of training to give us pointers, recipes and best of all, snacks. It was a steep learning curve but the tips we have gotten have really helped during this training. Thanks for meeting up with us to train, it was so special to have you there! Thanks for your guidance on keeping our bodies fueled and nourished through this process. Thank you for the post-run snacks too!! 

Running Room – Thanks for hosting our loud and boisterous team so we could share our #MYlestones. Thanks for helping us out with getting the best shoes, in the best colours!

Brooks Running Canada – Thanks for the amazing Glycerin 13’s! I absolutely love them, and its super fun to have matching Brooks shoes across our whole team. These are my first pair of Brooks, but they most definitely will not be my last! I love lacing them up to Carpe Runem, knowing I have the absolute perfect shoes for my feet.

Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio (TAYS) – Yoga has been integral to my running progress. Especially in the beginning, when my body was fighting against all of the changes it is experiencing, yoga calmed it down, stretched it out, and got it ready for our hill training and long runs. I’m so glad that TAYS is on board, to send the message about how absolutely wonderful yoga can be!

Lifemark Atlantic – Boy oh boy. Where do I start with Lifemark. Firstly, thanks to Paul the Pedorthist for meeting each of us at the beginning of this process to assess our feet and suggest the perfect shoe. Before this, I would walk into a store, see the wall of running shoes, get confused and walk out (or go buy a pair of cute brown knee high boots with a buckle..or something..). Now that I know what my feet need, its fantastic peace of mind.

The physiotherapy has also been a godsend – thank you to Katie and the folks at Lifemark Purdy’s Landing for that. Not only did you fix my aches and pains, you helped out my running buds too! It was great to have peace of mind that even if we had injuries, we had people on our side to help us achieve our goal.

360fit – I might get emotional here. How does one thank someone who had a big part in changing your life? Devin Sherrington, thank you for your training program, your openness to hearing our insecurities and difficulties and helping us rise above them. Thanks for looking at me while I feel like I’m going to die on Citadel Hill and saying “easy peasy, right?!”. Thanks for telling us crazy stories to help get our mind off the difficult parts of our runs. Thanks for leading our Team Myles cheer and being the glue that holds us all together.

Thanks to Cindy MacNeill, our fantastic assistant coach from 360fit, who seemed to have gotten all the bad weather hill training nights but smiled and cheered nonetheless. Thanks for teaching BootCamps that challenged us, encouraging us to push through, and always acknowledging the journey that we’re on as a team along the way. You are such an inspiration.

Thank you SO MUCH for opening your doors at 360fit for us – this is no small gesture, and it made a tremendous impact on our training to be a part of the 360fitfam.

Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon – Thank you for choosing me to be on Team Myles. Thanks for doing everything behind the scenes to make this team happen. Thanks for choosing fantastic mentors for us to learn from and laugh with. Thanks for the awesome backpacks and hats, which we’ve used throughout the training. Thanks for celebrating with us when its all finished!

Thank you to all of the sponsors for being an integral part of changing our lives!

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