Weekly Update: Pushing Through (3 weeks until race day!)

After a slow week last week of not doing extra activity other than hills training and our Saturday morning long run, I committed myself to being more active this week. Well, I definitely hit that goal.

Monday was rest day!

Tuesday was hills training at Citadel Hill. We did 28 minutes (30 seconds running, 30 seconds walking) in the wet snow– and it felt a little bit like torture. I pushed through (barely) without falling off track, but I definitely wasn’t sprinting like last week. I knew I hadn’t eaten enough that day, so blamed it on that.


Wednesday was bootcamp at #360fit. It was instructed by Georgie (who is like a super fit energiser bunny!). The hump day workout was 1000 reps! (10 exercises, 10 reps, repeated 10 times). I found I still wasn’t feeling super energetic, but I gave it my all (and the group totally rocked it!). By the end, I was ready for a hot bath and a nap!




Thursday was yoga at #TAYS Yoga. We had a great class, and the stretching felt awesome, especially a couple that were pointed out to be good runners’ stretches. *Sigh of relief*


Friday was rest day!

Saturday we did our long run at Point Pleasant Park. We were doing 9 and 1s for 60 minutes. I was really not feeling it this time (Did I jinx myself last week?), but we pushed through and completed 6.5kms.

Two amazing Mentors: Leanne Strathdee & Jo-Ann MacNamara - Making running look fun!

Two amazing Mentors: Leanne Strathdee & Jo-Ann MacNamara – Making running look fun!


Sunday (today) I went back to PPP with our Team Myles Mentor and my long run running partner, Jo-Ann. We wanted to try more of the 10k route, so were back for a repeat/bonus run. It was a beautiful day! I was hoping that I would feel better going in to the run, but even after the first couple running legs, I just couldn’t find my stride. My speed was up and down and my energy was mostly down. BUT we completed a 6.27km ‘bonus’ run at about a 9.5 min/km pace. There are a lot more steps to go before a 10k, but I am sooo far ahead of where I was just a few weeks ago, so I am very happy with that!

A beautiful day for a run!

A beautiful day for a run!

So that was my week in a nutshell. I feel like this week totally kicked my butt, but I am proud of myself for giving it my all anyway. Showing up is half the battle but sticking through it is where the battle is won.

I know there have been times this week where I felt too busy to really look at my nutrition, even missing meals occasionally, so this week I am committing myself to making nutrition a priority and ensuring that I am getting everything that I need to fuel my training. Fingers crossed it all pays off next week and onward.

So here’s to next week’s goals: Keep showing up, sticking with it, staying positive, and focusing on nutrition.

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