Too Busy to Run

Life is really busy for me. I remember reading the Team Myles blogs last year and thinking “I’d love to do that! BUT how would I ever have the time to commit to training twice a week?” Well this year, I just decided to go with it. That said, sometimes our busy lives do get in the way. I ended up having a networking event that was scheduled for months in advance last week. While in my mind I wasn’t going to stay late and would let everyone know that I had to run in the morning- it just didn’t happen. I stayed out way too late and was in no condition to make it to Point Pleasant Park for a 60 minute run as planned that Saturday morning.

I had no regrets about staying. When you’re busy, prioritizing is key. While running and Team Myles are important to me, so are other events and commitments that take place during the training period. I am therefore writing this blog to anyone out there that might be reading this and thinking that they too would like to be on Team Myles but would never have the time.

Somedays you won’t have the time.

Some of those days you will make time.

Some of those days you will simply not make it.

And all that is okay.

What may be surprising is that you will miss your team when life gets in the way. You will see their pictures and posts and excitement over another great run and wish you hadn’t missed it. And their commitment and successes will ensure you stay on track. You will make the time to fit in your own run.

For me, I headed out on my own around 11am on Sunday with the plans to run for 60 minutes which I figured would take me approximately 8kms.

…8kms in, I found myself lost at the end of a one way street in a part of town I had never been before. I missed my group. I missed our couch yelling out which way to go and keeping us all on track. I ended up running 10.2 kms. There was admittedly some walking involved (in particular when I was lost!) but I fit the run in.

And on Tuesday, I rejoined my group and was able to run the full 30 minutes up and down Citadel Hill with all my new friends. No stopping- despite missing the group run and a bit of a detour taken on my own I found myself still on track.

I know our group runs are winding down as the Blue Nose is fast approaching and I also know this isn’t the last time I will miss a practice or group commitment due to other commitments present in my life. But I remain present in and committed to the team. For any of you busy people out there…you can do it! And I highly recommend the experience.


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