They Told Me I Would Be a Runner and I AM!!

This past Saturday marked the very last long run for Team Myles 2016 before the Bluenose event weekend. Coach Devin told us this run was going to be only 30 minutes and we were running along the waterfront. This was the same route as Week 1 so it was amazing to start and finish training on the same route. Even more amazing was to see the huge difference in mine and everyone else’s running since March 12th when we started.

Usually when we run, we start doing intervals of running and walking and then we end off with running about 25-30 minutes straight. This time it was 30 minutes running.  Guess what? I did it!! It was my first time ever running with no walking at all. My running buddy and I made it 2.67K in 30 minutes. When I first started, I couldn’t run 30 seconds without stopping.  I didn’t believe the coaches and mentors when they said I would be able to run, but I definitely do now! I am a runner! I’ll say that a little louder… I AM A RUNNER!!

I said at the beginning that I would be happy to be able to run 1K straight and now I can do at least 2.67.  The fun part is I am positive I could have kept running longer than 30 minutes.  My next goal is going to be to run 5K straight without stopping to walk.

Speaking of 5K, Team Myles has been participating in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge and have been raising money for The Club Inclusion. This is a grassroots organization that gives support to youth and adults with special needs. These fantastic people are going to be participating in the 5K this Saturday.  Team Myles is going to be on the route cheering on The Club and the rest of the 5K participants.  If you see us in our Yellow shirts, give us a wave!! I’m so excited to cheer everyone on!

No matter if you are participating in the Bluenose or doing some activity on your own, remember, it takes a lot of guts just to get yourself to the start line no matter what you are doing. Be proud of yourself.  I feel absolutely amazing after doing all of this training and I can’t wait to keep it up after Team Myles 2016 is over.

Best of luck to everyone participating in the Bluenose Marathon this weekend! Remember to Make Your Myles Matter no matter what pace you are at. Hope you all have a blast!

Me and My Buddy Myles!Last Long Run for Team MylesGiv'r Team Club!


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