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Last night Jody and I went out to train on the 10k route. Our plan was to try to go as far as we could doing 9:1 intervals. Having ran approx 8k the last couple of long runs we expected to push to 8.5 or 9k and walk the rest, just to get an idea of what it would feel like come race day.


It was foggy, rainy, and rush-hour. We walked up to the official start line on Sackville Street.  I could envision what it might look like on May 22 – crowds cheering, music, brightly colored t-shirts with this year’s slogan: MAKE YOUR MYLES MATTER. We’d be sporting our bright yellow #TeamMyles2016 t-shirts with pride.

We set out along the route – down South Park to Young, Young to Pt. Pleasant Ave. As we headed into Pt. Pleasant Park we talked about how different it feels from our regular Saturday 8am runs. At that point we were getting tired, but kept going. Some points Jody had to tell me to keep going – and sometimes I had to return the favor. Through PPP and up our favorite hill (not), passing dog-walkers, runners, along historic monuments and war time structures. Halifax’s beauty and vibrancy shines through, even on a rainy day.

After PPP that’s when things started to get tough for me. We were over 5k in and far from the finish line. Some aches and pains set in, but I pushed through them – a skill I only just acquired while on Team Myles. Through the residential areas we went and back over to Young Ave, to make the home stretch up hill, back to where we parked by Citadel. The skies opened up as we got closer to Spring Garden Road, which was a welcome addition by that point.  Running in the rain makes me feel fierce.

As we turned the corner beside Citadel High we knew it was not far now before we would be done. A quick check in with each other to make sure we were ok to keep going past our original goal. Passing by the car, tipping our hats to Citadel Hill thinking about the grueling Tuesday nights we spent there training – and feeling how well it is paying off. We came up over the hill on Cogswell and we could see Scotiabank Centre.  I said to Jody “Oh my god, we’re actually going to do this.”

I think the last time I’ve felt this kind of pride was when I finished the last exam of my degree. There are no words to describe it, and it only comes around a few times in  your life. I could hardly hold it together as Jody counted down the distance..9.8, 9.9. TEN KILOMETERS. 

Tears, laughter, hardly breathing, selfies, celebrations, disbelief, excitement. A moment I’ll always remember. 


This team means so much to me. 


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