Team Pride

For our last Tuesday training session we decided to forgo the hill and tackle the race route. Everyone was nervous and trying to decide the best running plan for their personal goal. I knew from the weekend that I could do 5k with no walking breaks so I decided to set my sights on that and then take the rest of the route as it came.

I started out strong, keeping an even comfortable pace and I soon found myself about to tackle a series of hills in Point Pleasent Park on my own. I ended up self doubting and walking off and on from that point on but as I neared the finish line I started getting more confident. Rounding the last corner onto Brunswick St someone had written messages on the sidewalk in chalk and I couldn’t help  smiling and laughing out loud, I was almost done!

That’s when I could hear the cheers of my team mates over the music in my ears. A sea of yellow shirts, smiling faces and waving arms cheered me across the finish line. Finishing the route surrounded by friends who were as proud of me as I am of them was an experience I can’t explain. The urge to call my dad to tell him I had done it hit hard and I will admit I had a pretty good cry on the side of the road. I can’t wait for our actual race day to do it all over again.



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