Race day!

Its so hard to find the right words to try to begin to express the mixture of emotions from race day. When my alarm went off at 5am I already had my Team Myles shirt laid out with the rest of my outfit and gear, breakfast was planned and anything I could have ready was but my hands were still shaking with a mix of nervousness, excitement and fear.

It was so good of the Delta to provide a room for us to gather in before heading up the street. Being in that room with all my team mates and feeling the love and support helped ease the nerves before we headed up the street for our 8:05 start time. I had decided to set my goal for 5k straight running and then take it 1k at a time from there. Ultimately I wanted to run the full 10 straight but I never had and I knew I struggled with the hills in the park so I figured breaking it down into smaller chunks would make it less daunting.

With one last group cheer lead by Devin we headed across the start line breaking into smaller groups of team members who we ran a similar pace with. In true team fashion we all wanted to make sure everyone had a friend to run with and mine was Catriona. I kept an eye on my pace trying not to get too caught up in the moment and end up pushing to hard which I did and had a personal best for my fastest 1k ever!

I knew once I made it past the halfway point outside of Point Pleasant that I wasn’t going to give up, I had just crushed my fears and killed the hills so nothing was going to stop me now. There were a few times around 7/8k that doubt started to creep in but we just slowed our pace and recharged from the energy of friends and strangers cheering along the route. The signs and shout outs came just when I needed an extra push to keep on going.

Throughout the 10k we ran danced, high fived, hammed it up a bit for the cameras and cheered on fellow runners but not once did we walk! As we approached the finish line Catriona asked me if I wanted to sprint to which I told her I didn’t think I could but go ahead. Her response will stay in my heart always ” we started together and we are going to finish together”.

Crossing the finish line I was overcome with so much pride and to be honest relief!  I am amazed that I was able to do it and so excited to share that finishing moment with everyone. We all worked so hard towards our goals and to see everyone with their medals made my heart burst!



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