Started from the bottom now we’re here

Well, we did it. 

I am so incredibly proud of this team. We all came into this with different motivations. Some of us wanted to overcome injuries, others to get in shape, be healthier, we wanted to be involved in our community or to lose a couple of pounds. We all wanted to make a difference, to inspire others, by putting it all out there on social media and in these blogs.

We all came in with a common goal of running in the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon this year.

There have been tough times, tears, injuries, aches and pains, learning curves, and a LOT of hills. There have been some fun times too…post-run brunches, #MYlestones being reached every week, pounds lost, skills gained, distances, paces and PB’s improved. Late night FB chats, carpools, sharing clothing, running tips, recipes, and high-fives before, during, and after every run.

Last night, as a team, each one of us finished the 10k route, achieving our common goal together. It was hard. 10 whole kilometers is a long way to push yourself. We should not discount how far we’ve come, from huffing and puffing after just a couple minutes of running, to doing something as physically demanding as running 10k. Sometimes its easy to get caught up in this whole process, comparing yourself and forgetting your individual progress on a personal level. Everyone should take the time to pat themselves on the back. You can now do something that many people have not done before.

I just can’t explain what it feels like to run for over an hour, pushing through moments where you just don’t think you can make it, approaching the base of a hill and feeling like it’s not going to happen, but then doing it anyway. Convincing yourself that you can, because if you don’t, you’ll be cheating yourself out of something that you are actually capable of. Doing this over and over again for 10 kilometers takes a lot of mental stamina, not to mention the physical stamina, but that’s the easy part.

I will never forget turning around the corner of Cogswell and Bruinswick streets to see my team mates, dressed in our yellow Team Myles 2016 shirts, and knowing that I would soon be able to say that I could run 10k without stopping. They cheered so loud I could hear them even before I could see them. ALL THE FEELS. After working so incredibly hard, its an extremely emotional thing to experience achieving my goal with the people who have supported me and trained alongside me. I was a blubbery mess, and if that’s any indication, this accomplishment means a whole lot to me.

10 k Finish


What was even better than this moment was experiencing my team mates do the same thing. Watching them approach the finish line, remembering quotes from their blogs and the reasons they’re doing this, makes me full to the brim with pride. The tears most definitely kept flowing for the rest of the night.

We came in as strangers, but we leave as a team. A team of lifelong friends. We’ve seen each other at our very worst, and at our very, very best.  WE CAN DO IT GUYS! BRING ON RACE DAY!



I’ll be blogging in the next week about the role our incredible sponsors have played in helping us do this, and then, RACE DAY! Wee!


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2 Responses to “Started from the bottom now we’re here”

  1. Grant MacLarenMay 11, 2016 at 8:12 pm #

    So proud of you!!! All of you!! Everyone’s worked so hard and it’s obviously paid off. You said everything to be said in this post. Can’t wait to further see your accomplisments on race day

  2. Melissa Crane
    Melissa CraneMay 12, 2016 at 11:43 am #

    Thank you so much Grant!! It means a lot coming from a full marathon runner! I cant tell you how great it is to know that we’ve got support from all sides. Thanks for following my journey, its only just begun!

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