Mixed emotions

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When Devin told us Tuesday past that it was our last hill night, I couldn’t help but feel sad (who would’ve thunk it!) I’m not sure if I’ll ever have the motivation to run up and down Citadel Hill again without Devin, Cindy and the crew!

Although I’m a bit depressed about this all coming to an end, I am excited and nervous to finally reach my goal. I’ve come so far personally and seeing my teammates overcome their own obstacles and reach their own goals is uplifting.

Devin and Cindy from #360fit have been so incredible and supportive since the beginning of March, dedicating their Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings to run alongside us all. In addition I took advantage of the classes at Devins gym #360fit pretty much weekly and absolutely love them! I don’t think that I can thank you enough for all that you’ve done for me.

#TeamMyles members, we were there for each other as strangers and now we’re here for each other as friends. I am so happy to have shared this experience with each one of you.

Colleen at #innerpeas, thanks for your delicious recipes and I hope that you and your cute puppy will make it out for another run with us!

#Tays yoga, thank you for my first yoga experience. I felt so comfortable in your studio and I’m looking forward to learning some more moves!

#rechargewithmilk, thanks for the swag and yummy chocolate milk. My kids look forward to me sharing it with them when I come home from each run.

#Scotiabankbluenosemarathon, thank you for choosing me for the #TeamMyles program. Because of your program, I will finally run my first ever 10k!

#runningroom, thank you for the great price on my beloved #brooks sneakers in which Paul from #lifemark referred me to get.


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