Living, Moving, Growing….


Yesterday was the 10k, everyone was up and raring to go! We were all excited, nervous and ready to get it started! We started at the very back of the pack and did our cheer and off we went, running, weaving, dodging and moving throughout the throng of other runners who were in front of us.

It was amazing to start the race as a team and our bright yellow shirts made it very easy to be able from time to time see other members of our team along the road. While, I didn’t end up running beside my team mates for very long, I was not only focused on my own race but I was also thinking about all the other members of our team, looking for them and wishing them a great race. We all had our training to fall back on and the times we spent together running as a team had me silently cheering for each one of them.

I am happy to say that I ran the WHOLE 10k without walking which was something I had accomplished for the second time in 2 weeks! One during training and the other during yesterday’s race. This would not have been possible without being part of a team.

Being part of Team Myles has taught us that when people come together for a common reason and SUPPORT one another that amazing things can happen. We weren’t meant to be on a solitary journey in this life but a LIVING, MOVING, GROWING Village of people who have wonderful interactions with one another along the journey of life.

Thanks to The Team, Devin, Cindy, the Mentors, all our Sponsors and our Family and Friends for helping us achieve our goals!




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