I own that hill!

All throughout our training I’ve been having a hard time on the hills in Point Pleasant Park. I decided on the first day that I wasn’t able to run them without walking and each time we run I mentally psych myself out before I even give it an honest try. With raceday quickly approaching I decided I needed to put the hills behind me once and for all.

Wednesday I made plans with my fellow Team Myles member Melissa to head to the park for an after work run. Mid afternoon she started sending me positive, encouraging messages and I started telling myself today was the day.

All was going well until we started up the first hill and then the negative voice in my head began the usual comments: there’s no break at the top of this, you can’t keep on going onto Tower without walking and then there’s Maple!  It’s almost as if Melissa read my mind and she piped up “you’ve got this” and I started to tell myself the same thing.

I’m not going to lie. As we headed onto Maple I wanted to walk but I knew if I did I’d regret it and I was also afraid Melissa might smack me so I slowed my pace and kept on running.  As we reached the crest I couldn’t believe I had made it that far without giving up and in my head I hollered “I own this hill!” Turns out I said it out loud and the couple heading down the hill gave me a smile and a laugh.

We ran the entire park portion without walking once! My confidence was boosted and I felt ready to take on not only race day but the world. I’m thankful to have such a great team mate to help push me through my mental blocks. The hills are hard enough without slowing down your pace to stay behind and encourage someone else but that’s what Team Myles is all about.


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