Carpe Runem!

Exciting news! Running Room called me today and said the wonderful words ‘Your new Brooks sneakers have arrived’.  I’ve waited awhile for them because they had to be special ordered for my wide feet.  I pretty much RAN to the Running Room from work on my lunch.  I’ve had a lot of trouble finding the perfect pair of sneakers for running, so the anticipation was high in hopes they would fit. They did!! Such a relief! No more sneakers I need to crazy glue to keep together!!!!!

Can’t wait to test run these new bad boys on our Team Myles run tomorrow morning! Thanks so much Brooks and Running Room! Now I’ve got two weeks to break them in before Bluenose Event Weekend.  Two weeks?!?! It’s so hard to believe it’s almost here!

As my sneakers say, Carpe Runem!!

New Brooks SneaksCarpe Runem

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