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It’s what attracts people. It’s what gets you opportunities. It makes what you do impactful. Most importantly, confidence makes YOU believe that YOU are enough.

Nobody is good at everything, but everybody’s good at something (cue t-rex impression). I was not good at running. I blamed it on a lot of things. My lungs didn’t hold up in the winter. I couldn’t afford a gym memby. I’m too chesty and running sorta hurts. I didn’t have time. My joints weren’t strong. My mind wasn’t strong.

Yet, after just a couple of months of training with Team Myles, I can now say that I’m a confident runner. How did I get there? Well, there’s this thing called the “runner’s bug”. Since running gives you this totally awesome headspace, and makes you feel good physically, mentally, spiritually, and even sometimes socially, once you make it a habit, you actually begin to crave it.

So, last week on Monday I spent an entire day sitting behind my desk wishing I could lace up my shoes (shout out to Brooks) and hit the trail. How strange is that? Me, Melissa, craving something like running instead of a chocolate cupcake. Once I finally did get a chance to get out, I turned up my tunes and went out to run an even longer distance than I did during the previous Saturday Team Myles long run. In this run, I found my groove. I tried out a faster pace, finally taking our trainer Devin Sherrington’s advice to lengthen my stride, and BAM. There it was. I (for the first time ever) felt good while running. Instead of avoiding busy streets and trails I ran down them with confidence. I wanted to show off this fantastical level of fitness I had acquired (lol…I’ve got a long way to go, but still). I was proud of my distance, wasn’t worried about how I looked, and wanted to tell everyone.

Tuesday came around and it was hills night. The weather was absolutely freaking miserable (see pic). I usually look up the hill as I run it because I find that makes it easier, but I couldn’t as the snow was pelting me in the face. I was even breathing in snow. Bleh. BUT…my team mates noticed my new found confidence. Jody yelled out “Melissa you’re killing it! You’re a beast!”. Our assist. coach Cindy also took the time to congratulate me on the amazing run the night before. Confidence does not go unnoticed.



Flash forward to Saturday and we were once again heading out to PPP for our long run. The sun was shining, and we knew we had about 8km ahead of us so out we went. At one point, my little pod realized that we were gabbing as we headed down Young Ave..and realized how funny it is that we can talk now when we run. My pace felt good, faster than usual (around a 6 according to my teammate’s garmin) and that doubting voice in my head hardly popped up at all. I don’t miss that meanie-pants. Once we got back to the parking lot, we were greeted by our fellow team mates cheering and high-fiving, because they’ve been proud of us all along. This week however, I was also really, truely, proud of myself. 

There I am in the grey and pink jacket, always distracted by the dogs in PPP!

There I am in the grey and pink jacket, always distracted by the dogs in PPP!

So, the take-home message is: Confidence comes from trying. Just getting out there and doing something that scares you, falling down, getting back up, and trying again until you’re suddenly good at it, that’s where it comes from. It doesn’t come from being super attractive, intelligent or rich. It comes from trying. Plain and simple. *Drops Mic*



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