Ripple Effects

We’re past the half-way mark and you can notice transformation in the team everywhere you look. Six-ish weeks ago, our coach Devin Sherrington-  an award-winning owner of the most awesome gym on the planet (360fit in Dartmouth, incase you have yet to check them out!), stood in front of a group of strangers telling them they would all be fast friends and that being part of Team Myles would be life changing for each of us. He mentioned how we would be different to our friends and families and our attitudes would under go a transformation. Just seeing his passion gave me goosebumps however I’m still a pretty skeptical person and while I was a more than willing participant I had more of a “okay, well maybe…we’ll see what happens, can-I-really-do-it?” type of attitude.

This Sunday, I was at gymnastics class with my toddler son and it was time to play around on the gym equipment. There are a couple of balance beams and he immediately ran over to the one approximately 1 foot off the ground and started maneuvering across it. I decided to urge him onto the high beam and once we got him positioned he was clinging to me. We had tried this many times before and he would successfully cross but always holding tight to me. I tried to convince him to let go of my hand, but he wasn’t having it.

Then something in me clicked.

I looked right in his eyes and told him “You got this.” Just like I would any of my Team Myles members. As his mother, I believe I told him this before. At first he still wasn’t having it. But after about 10 seconds of persistent encouragement he made eye contact with me and I saw the change in his eyes. He looked confident, and as I let go of him I could tell he was ready.

He ran across that high beam, gave me a high five and jumped into my arms giggling with a big “TAAA-DAAA”!

…and then he proceeded to do that same thing at least 7 more times until class was over. He was so proud.

It wasn’t until I was in the car headed home that I started to tear up when I realized Devin was right. Team Myles will change you. I believe it changed me. I have always lacked confidence and I think that despite my best intentions at hiding that from my son he could sense it. Until something clicked. I spoke with confidence in myself and him and he then believed it.

Team Myles has changed me. And changed something I care about very deeply- the way I parent. Thank you to everyone that as helped along the way but mostly to Devin Sherrington (@360fit), organizers of the Scotiabank Blue Nose Event Weekend, my teammates and of course all our generous sponsors.


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  1. Melissa Crane
    Melissa CraneApril 27, 2016 at 12:10 pm #


    Your post gave me big goosebumps. It is so true, I can totally relate to the changes happening in everybody’s lives. Its amazing how they pop up when you least expect them, and sometimes are not directly related to running. Keep up the good work – you are so inspiring!!

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