I’m back and loving it!!

This is my third year on TeamMyles and I am so grateful for the opportunity each and every time. As a team member in 2014, I got to experience TeamMyles for the first time. I embraced everything it had to offer from the motivation and support it provided, coaching by Devin Sherrington with 360fit, who I now consider a good friend, the free stuff (who doesn’t love free stuff from fantastic sponsors), to a new me that went from being over-weight and inactive to being able to run 10k non-stop 35 pounds less than when I started. I drank the Kool-Aid, as they say! I went to the gym 5 mornings a week, I cross-trained at 360 fit 2 -3 times a week in the evenings, I changed my eating habits and reached my goals in the process. I also made strong friendships that first year with people I would never have met otherwise and am still in touch with today. Some of us still run together three years later!

When I crossed the finish line that first year, having completed my first 10k non-stop, there was no feeling that could compare. I cried, I laughed, I cried some more. I couldn’t believe I actually did it. I was hugged by Devin and then each of my teammates and mentors as I saw them. We all did it!! We were all amazed!!

I vowed to continue with my newly found lifestyle and continue running in my new Brooks sneakers, which I LOVE!!!

My second year with TeamMyles was as a mentor. What a wonderful experience to share with the next generation of TeamMyles members. It was so different than being a team member. I knew what they were all going through right from the beginning; the fear, excitement, and wonder… that initial feeling of “what have I gotten myself into”. But as the weeks go on everyone finds their way and through the awesome coaching and support realize that they can actually do this 10k run. I feel into place with 2 wonderful ladies and ran along with them most runs and on race day. I encouraged them along and together we did it. This time it wasn’t about me… it was about them. To see the joy and amazement in their faces was overwhelming and so very rewarding!

This year I am a mentor again. To be invited back a second time is such an honour although this year I’m struggling more than ever. Different from the last 2 years, I now have my regular full-time job as well as a part-time job. My kids are a little older, 11 and 13 now, so leaving them alone isn’t an issue but there is a lot of guilt leaving them as often as I do for work and “socializing” as they see my running and the other activities that go along with TeamMyles. I try to find a balance but it’s not always easy. Did I bite off more than I can chew this year? Perhaps, but I’ll make it work, if it kills me  We all have busy lives and we all make it through.

I’m also about 30 – 40 pounds heavier this year than I was in the past 2 years. I did keep up with my running but then put my back out in August and couldn’t do much of anything let alone walking. Then the holidays came around and… well, you get the picture. I struggle during the runs now but try my best and at the end of the day that’s all we can ask of ourselves and each other… do our best / try our hardest.

I love our team this year!! They are so enthusiastic and ready to take on any challenge thrown at them. They go above and beyond with running, socializing, and being true TeamMyles ambassadors. They all have their own struggles, like we all do, but they are all out there every practice given’ it their all. I’m proud to be on this team and look forward to the next few weeks right up to Run Day!!

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