Here comes the sun

Training is getting pretty darn real these days. We are at the point that I think if I was asked to run the 10k tomorrow, I could probably pull it off (with much difficulty..but still). In the past few weeks, training has gone from seemingly easy to quite difficult. We’re adding a lot more time to our runs, and distances are getting longer as a result. However, its unbelievable that in such a short time I’ve gone from struggling to run longer than a few minutes, to running most of the 10k route with only a few 1min breaks in the first half.

This experience has surely brought me out of my comfort zone. It is really funny that when you’re sitting around thinking¬†about making a change, fear of doing something outside of what you’re used to is usually what holds you back. Team Myles has taught me that being outside your comfort zone is way more exciting than being inside it. Outside is where you evolve, learn, grow, forge a new path, revive old memories and make new ones. This quote really sums it up for me:

step outside your

This morning was a regular Saturday, 8am long run. However, there was something about today that was different. I stuck with my regular crew (minus a couple who were missing) and our trainer Devin Sherrington of 360fit, who has been alongside my group for the last few long runs to motivate, chat (yes – I can actually kind of carry on a convo while running now…whoop!), and even sometimes force us up a hill. We went out to the beautiful PPP and it was an amazing 11 degrees at 8am when we started our run. Although my feet felt a like heavy bricks starting out I kept going, and soon I had found my stride. There were parts of the run that were great, and parts of the run that were really, really tough to get through.

On the way down the hill to where we parked I picked up my pace – as always – mostly because I can’t wait to be finished by that point. As we rounded the corner I saw my team, high-fiving and cheering one another on as we reached the finish. Even from afar, you can tell that Team Myles is special.

As I was running toward the rest of the team, I made a realization:¬†Even though today was especially hard, I did the entire run anyway. I think this means I’m a runner. I think this means I can really, truly do this.¬†

There was a feeling that rushed over me in that moment, that I have achieved something wonderful. I may have shed a few tears – which I’ll blame on the wind coming off the Halifax harbour.

I can’t imagine life after Team Myles being anything like life before it.


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