Better Call Paul

My knee khurts.

It’s been hurting for some time… I probably should have addressed it mid-last week, but I was too “busy”, I thought it would go away, yada, yada.

Truthfully, it is feeling better than it was at the height of it’s pain, but it was so bad that I missed last Saturday’s group run, and I pitifully hobbled up and down the Citadel Hill on Tuesday night… and it’s still uncomfortable. Worst still, I did a secret run… I did a secret run, on Saturday night, and I’m almost positive I made my knee one million times worse. The reason I (mostly) kept it a secret, is because I realize how stupid it was.

There’s a fine line between sucking up the pain, and being dumb.
Don’t be a Silly-Sami.

So, I put aside my excuses, Womaned-up, and called Paul from #LifeMark
I’ve got myself an appointment booked for an exam next week, I’ll be sure to keep you all up to date! ;)

I am still planning on running with the Team tomorrow morning. Thankfully my #Brooks shoes are well padded, with excellent arch support.

I felt so discouraged on Tuesday night. I knew I had more in me, but I couldn’t push my body any harder. Every step was excruciating, I even busted out a few swears. It’s hard when the spirit is willing, but the body is faltering…

Nevertheless, at least now I’m back on the right track!
Or, back on track, to being on the right track… ?

Anyways, all will be well!
I’ll get to see my pals, run my little heart out with a big ol’smile on my face, Refresh with some Milk, and have a nice balanced meal post-run courtesy of #Innerpeas meal plans!

Life is good!

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