Team Support During a Setback

Well, I had a frustrating run this weekend with #TeamMyles and I can only hope I can get through this setback before #Bluenose2015 weekend.  I have shin splints in my left leg – not sure why as I thought I trained properly and have excellent #Brooks runners.  The pain has been slowly coming the last couple of weeks but yesterday was the toughest.  Thanks to #Devin Sherrington who stuck with me when I had to slow down and he even talked me through that very tough hill in Point Pleasant Park.  I tried to persevere so that I could get through one more circle in the park but I had to stop.  Devin encouraged me to do so in the event I did further damage.  But I can be very competitive and stubborn with myself and I did not want to quit.  However I did and I walked back to wait for the gang.  It is really frustrating to get to this point.  I worked too hard and I have watched my amazing team members persevere and get through the hills and the long runs. The positive in all of this is that I have an amazing and supportive coach and team and for that reason, I will not give up.  I will do what I have to do to make sure I run with my team on #Bluenose2015 weekend.

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