New experiences with #TeamMyles

I know I’ve talked before about all of the great opportunities Team Myles has given us… but it’s worth saying again because they just keep comin’!
Not only have they provided us with really snazzy running shoes from Brooks Running and The Running Room, a foot assessment and access to support from Centric Health, Life Mark Health, free membership at 360 Fit Gym, and TAYS Yoga (plus a rad yoga mat & water bottle), recipes, advice, and a cooking class from Coleen Nolan at Inner Peas Nutrition, and some swag & refreshments from Recharge with Milk… not to mention the phenomenal coach Devin Sherrington and mentors who work with us on a weekly basis!

You guys, that’s a lot of stuff. This is pretty incredible!
But there’s more….

Team Myles has created so many other cool experiences for me – for instance, we were asked to help out at the Blue Nose Marathon booth at the Saltscapes Expo. Of course I didn’t mind volunteering – Blue Nose and Team Myles has already given me so much, I don’t mind helping out… until I got there – and then I realized that once again, Team Myles has provided me with an amazing opportunity.

Have you guys ever BEEN to the Saltscapes Expo?? It is so freakin’ awesome.
I’ve never gone, and it’s not something I ever would have probably gone to on my own, but oh my goodness it’s great. I wanted to do all the things, and buy all the stuff, eat all the food, and drink ALL the wine!!! 
And on top of that, the best part was that I was at the booth with one of our fantastic #TeamMyles mentors Tina Griggs and long time Blue Nose Volunteer Amy MacIsaac – and that was so cool because I got to hear their story about how they got into running and learn some great tips and tricks. It was really great getting to know them better, and I always find inspiration in learning about other people’s journeys.

Saltscapes Expo


Saturday morning I ran with one of our other mentor extraordinaire’s Christine White because she had an early shift at the Saltscapes Expo and wanted to run at 8:30 instead of 9:30 when the team usually runs. Of course I jumped at the chance… because I’m a fan of early running now, remember!? (I have Team Myles to thank for that too!!) and it. was. awesome.
First of all… I’ve never actually been to Point Pleasant Park… I know I should be ashamed and I’m a very bad Haligonian!! But in my defence – I’ve worked at summer camp for the past 15 years (it’s my actual, grown up job :) ) so I’m always away in the summer… and I don’t have a dog… and I’ve never been a runner (until now!!) so… I have a lot of excuses!!

So I have Team Myles to thank for getting me into Point Pleasant – it’s SUCH a pretty run! And there are SO many puppies and very friendly/ happy people around. It really was great.

But Christine made it an amazing run! It was like having my very own personal trainer/ cheerleader along for the run. She encouraged me to push harder and go farther than I would have ever gone on my own.

April 25th C & P

Up until Saturday I was pretty apprehensive about the 10k – I knew I was going to be able to do 5k pretty comfortably but I really wasn’t sure about the 10 (because I hadn’t really been tracking how far I’d been running… or pushing myself that much) but the fact that we did 7k on Saturday and I only really felt like I was going to die when we did the hill for the second time at the 40 minute mark gave me a lot of confidence. In fact, I probably could have kept going if I had to … if we were running down hill ;) peheheh

So we’ve got 3 more weeks until Race Weekend and I think that I’ll actually be able to finish the 10k (albeit slowly, it took me a full hour to do 7k… but do you know what? I’m totally ok with that, as long as I finish!).

So thanks Team Myles & Blue Nose Marathon – you continue to introduce me to new experiences and I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing community!

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  1. KarenApril 27, 2015 at 3:56 pm #

    Excellent, very positive. Way to go. :) However….yes…you should be ashamed of the Point Pleasant thing..hehe.

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