I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more…ZUMBA!

Yes, another post about Zumba. Get  used to it – this class is AMAZING! Thank you Devin, and 360Fit, for having so many awesome classes for us to enjoy!

Yesterday, I convinced a few more people to join me at Zumba – Christine and Erin came along and we rocked it! I’m finally starting to remember, and be able to complete, some of the moves Trinity uses in the classes and it’s awesome! My third class, and I started doing most of the hand gestures that go with the feet stuff. It’s HARD, guys! I am not exactly coordinated – hands and feet?! Doing the right things?! That’s an accomplishment for me!

I love the music we have at Zumba – upbeat, rockin’, pop-y, sing-a-long worthy, get your booty shakin’ (and we do a lot of booty shakin’) music. It’s fun to dance (or something like it) along to the music and I love the selection. It’s also fun to just laugh at our silliness as we try to figure out moves. I do a lot of laughing in this class – when I’m not concentrating so hard I start frowning! We also get to twirl at the end – that’s the class for me. One where we can twirl and add some extra swagger. It’s just awesome! I can’t wait for next Wednesday’s class!

While we were at Zumba, some of the team hit up Total Body – which Devin decided to teach! I heard it was awesome and really hard – but that chocolate milk at the end made a delicious incentive for us all ;)

A couple of us from yesterday's classes. We ROCKED it!

A couple of us from yesterday’s classes. We ROCKED it!

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