Every time I start a run I look for excuses to not run. It’s too cold; It’s too wet; It’s too slippery; I’m tired; I don’t feel well; My water bottle isn’t clean; My favourite top is in the wash. It goes on and on. Let’s face it, unless I have someone to go with me and prod me along to actually do it I am looking for an excuse not to go. I joke that every time I start a run I pray that I fall down and hurt my ankle so I don’t have to continue. All joking aside, I’d never really wish for that but it would be a great excuse, wouldn’t it?

When those excuses don’t pan out and I am out there running I feel exhilarated that I am actually there. Being there itself is an accomplishment. I remember that I love finishing a run. I am rejuvenated, filled with pride in myself for doing it, and all around happier with life in general.

So why the excuses? Maybe it’s just a head game I play with myself – a battle of wits if you will? It doesn’t make me feel good when I give in to those excuses. It makes me feel like I’ve let myself down. I should have gone for that run. If I hadn’t given in to the excuses!!

So here’s what I’m going to do. Instead of trying to come up with excuses NOT to run, I’m going to work on a list of excuses TO run. I’m going to remind myself how great I’ll feel afterwards. I’m going to feel better; be in a better mood, not have a headache anymore, feel rejuvenated. I’m going to be healthier and in better shape for each run I do. I’m going to get to run with some great people and friends. I’m going to learn something new about someone. And hopefully I’m able to help someone else get through their run.

No more negative excuses NOT to run… only positive excuses To run!!

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