But I am le tired…

Last week was hard for me. There’s no way around it. I was tired. It was a busy week at work, in my volunteer life, and in my running life. I had a lot coming at me and I was tired. Three of five nights last week I didn’t get home until 9 or later. It really was just BUSY. That being said, I didn’t let it get to me. I kept running, kept Zumbaing (today’s new word!), and kept working it. It’s SO hard to get motivated when you’re tired but it’s even harder to get motivated if you let that tiredness impact your plans. If I didn’t run – it would have been worse to go out on Saturday. I needed to keep at it. And even though I was tired, and a little slower than usual, I’m glad I kept going.

So, I guess that’s a precursor for the next two weeks. The next two weeks are going to be really busy for me and I may miss most of our group training sessions. Tomorrow’s hill are iffy but I’ll make them up with cross-training if I miss. Saturday, I have an appointment so I’ll be doing an earlier run (8 a.m. anyone?). The next week, I should be able to hit hills but then I’m in Ottawa for several days (including Saturday and Tuesday) so I’ll be doing my training there.All in all, it’ll be busy but I’m committed to this adventure, and committed to my team -let’s give’r Team Myles!


Watch for my Ottawa running selfies because they’re coming soon!

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