Active Easter

Well, that was a busy weekend! After a restful Friday, Team Myles hit the road in the cold and rain for our regular Saturday run. It was not nice out, guys. Like, seriously not nice, but we got it done! We ran 5 -and-1’s for 40 minutes. The rain kind of sucked but the run was great. Everyone did a fantastic job and Christine rewarded us with healthy treats after!

Photo of: Running in the Rain_April 4

Sunday, I hit up a yoga video in my living room and today Christine and I headed over to TAYS for some gentle yoga. This was my first shot at gentle yoga and it was AMAZING! Loved it – got a good workout but my knee (old injured one!) didn’t suffer. I felt so relaxed and limber afterwords – I HIGHLY recommend gentle yoga at TAYS. It’s awesome!

Tomorrow, we hit the hill, Wednesday is Zumba at 360Fit and Thursday more yoga at TAYS – loving all this activity from all these different sponsors!!

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