Lessen Learned – Don’t over do it & skip the mini-chocolate Easter Eggs

Being over zealous in my quest to become fit and fast, last week,  I went to a Total Body workout at 360fit gym. I was extremely proud of myself performing these “squats” and keeping up with one of the veteran participants! So good in fact, I decided to run that afternoon around the indoor track at Dalhousie University (nice, soft landing). By that evening, I could barely move! Lessen Learned!! Luckily, the hill training was cancelled that week, and I took the week to recover with a bit of walking/running on a treadmill. Back to running outdoors this past Saturday am and I felt okay. Coach Dev wants me to get checked for asthma so have made an appointment. My breathing sounds wheezy to him, – I think I’ve od’d on those mini chocolate Easter eggs! Another lessen learned! Tomorrow it’s calling for rain, which is a good thing in case it rains on THE day – we will be well prepared!

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