Keeping at it, even when it’s hard!

This week, well this winter, has been a challenge for a lot of folks. Myself included. It’s been hard to get outside and run. It’s been hard to get motivated after hours of shoveling snow. It’s just been a hard winter, but that can’t stop Team Myles!

I am SO proud of everyone on the team this year. Everyone has really taken the initiative to keep up with the workouts and add their own – even when it’s hard to get outside and you really just want to crawl into a warm bed and watch Netflix (Just me?). This week, with hills cancelled, everyone still took the initiative to do something that day – some folks did hills, others went to 360Fit, TAYS Yoga, another gym, or just went for a walk. We’ve even had members running on their tropical vacations! AMAZING!

This week, I took it up a notch too. After our amazing Zumba experience with Trinity at 360Fit– Abby and I headed back for a Wednesday class. And it was SO FUN! I love Zumba! I’m going to make sure I’m there every Wednesday at 5:15 – anyone and everyone is welcome to join me!

We’re Zumba-machines!

We’re Zumba-machines!

Yesterday, we also took advantage of an amazing yoga class at TAYS Yoga, on Quinpool. It was really nice to spend an hour stretching (after all that dancing and show shoveling, I need some mega stretches!) and relaxing. I find yoga is a great way to clear your mind and relax, and last night totally was!

Can’t wait to hit up TAYS Yoga again soon!

Can’t wait to hit up TAYS Yoga again soon!

Tomorrow I’ve got family in town, so I may not make our run but don’t worry – I’ll get out and be active either way. Happy Friday!!

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