I’m baaaccckkk…

I’m back! I’m so excited to be back as a mentor with Team Myles! We’ve had two Saturday and two Hell Hills runs so far and our team is doing AMAZING! These folks are seriously dedicated and ready to run. I’m so proud of the team we’ve pulled together this year! We’re gonna go far, guys!

As for me, this year I’m planning to do the 5k. What?! Yes. 5k. The 10k was amazing but I REALLY missed being at the finish line on Sunday -I volunteer for media relations on event weekend – so I’m sacrificing the 10k in order to do the 5k and make sure I’m at the finish line to greet all the Team Myles members that pass that line on Sunday! It also means I’ll be running with anyone who is doing the 5k on Saturday – which will be so fun! I love the 5k route!

Since we’ve last chatted, I’ve continued running. Shocking, I know, but I actually still enjoy it. (When the roads aren’t covered in ice!) The last week of running outside with Team Myles has been wonderful though – treadmills just aren’t the same! I’ve missed running outside, and yes, I even maybe, kind of, missed hills. Don’t get me wrong, hills was still HARD but it wasn’t as bad. Maybe it was just the cold medication talking this week, but I didn’t HATE it. I just really disliked it.

Maybe by this time next year, I’ll actually like hills…



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