Happy birthday to me!

Another long run complete! Looking back to this time last year I never would have thought that the Saturday morning following my Friday birthday I would be dragging my body out of bed at 830am to go to a 930 run through the snow! In a way I was almost looking forward to it… What is happening to me?! I guess I AM a runner!

I kept the birthday celebrations pretty tame last night and got home early for a good sleep but I was slightly on the dehydrated side this morning. I kept my own pace and thankfully our mentors are super awesome, with Christine sticking with me for a good portion of the run and giving me encouragement and suggestions for how I could make it easier on myself technique-wise. Our mentors are fabulous! We also got some pretty cool Recharge With Milk swag after the run which was fantastic!

I really want to take a moment to say that the biggest external factor to me feeling like I improved this week in my stride and endurance was my new Brooks running sneakers. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have a properly fitted pair of good shoes on when running. What a difference! Thanks again to Brooks and to the Running Room for getting us fitted and set up with these shoes.

I still have a lot of hard work to do before Blue Nose Weekend but I feel confident that I am going to finish that 10k Heather-style! I may not be leading the pack, but I will be rockin’ it at my own pace!




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