Vacation is over….back to reality!

Well after 9 warm sunny days in Costa Rica, one spent hiking up the volcano in Arenal I find myself looking up at another steep hill! Their is nothing more challenging than tuesday hill nights. I was quite happy with how I did on the first hill night however after picking up a virus and 3 doctor visits in a week I was a little wary about tonight’s performance. My fuel tank was definitely empty and I had lost 8lbs in a week. With Devin’s great motivation and the teams support I found my stamina lasting and I was able to get to the top of citadel hill in the end!  I even had a little left for a jog around the commons….thanks Carol!image

One Response to “Vacation is over….back to reality!”

  1. Lisa Olie
    Lisa OlieMarch 20, 2014 at 1:22 am #

    Awesome! Good job Angela. #Givr

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