To Run and Not Be Weary…

That quote is actually a quote from a health code I live by…and now, more than ever, it’s a real goal for me.

Two weeks ago I read Paige’s blog ( and was inspired by it so much so, that last Saturday, I sought her out, along with Deborah and pretty much joined their twosome on the run. I admit I have been struggling with trying to keep up and when 4 minutes of running and 1 minute walking presented itself, I was ready for every excuse in the book. Well, let the excuses come, because Deborah ( was ready for them all. In a very POSITIVE way! “Shorten your stride” up the inclines.”Don’t swing your arms”, “Breath deep”. These were just some of the tips she passed along to us as we made it through 3 out and 3 back.

On Friday, I met with Michelle MacLean @MMHealthCoach, the Holistic Health Coach who offered her services to #TeamMyles20414 members. What a wealth of knowledge she offers to anyone who wants to fine tune their lifestyle. Having made significant changes in my eating over the past two years, I knew I was ready to start going to the next level and make even more changes. I’ll talk more about that in another blog, but for now, back to the running.

Yesterday (after our “it’s too darn late in the season for yet another snow storm” storm days on Wednesday and Thursday), the weather was beautiful and I was ready to go at it again. Paige was there but Deborah was not. I was a little worried not having my new found mentor beside us. Not to worry, Paige took over the reins and off we went for 5 minutes run and one minute recover. She talked me through it. I admit it wasn’t easy, but it was doable. We covered 3.5 km in 35 minutes. We even joked how we were the leaders during round 4 as we turned around and headed back :-)

There are so many people and organizations I have to thank for this opportunity to train for the @BNMarathon coming up on Blue Nose Weekend in #Halifax on May 17 and 18th. Devin @360fitgym and Jason @_JasonDavis for their dedication and positive attitudes. So far, #TeamMyles2014 members have had so many opportunities given to us: @adult essentials gummy vitamin, chocolate milk from Farmers so we can #rechargewithmilk, Paul @LMCentricATL for showing me a new way to walk (new orthotics), and Luke @AerobisFirst for fitting me with a new pair of New Balance shoes that actually fit properly J. I am also excited to vist #breathingspaceyoga in Windsor very soon.  Also, the mentors who have stepped up to the plate are truly inspiring. From the moment I got my first hug from Myles himself and then he sat at the same table at the launch event and introduced himself as Rory, I was ready for this new adventure. So many benefits and opportunities, all as a result of applying to join @TeamMyles2014 through a contest I read on Facebook:

 Inspire us with your story

Do you dream of becoming fit? Overcoming a life challenge? Receiving your first medal as you cross the finish line at Blue Nose? Tell us your story in 200 words or less why you would like to join Team Myles. E-mail us with the subject line, “I want to be on Team Myles!” at

Deadline for submissions:Saturday, February 8….


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One Response to “To Run and Not Be Weary…”

  1. Paige Hoveling
    Paige HovelingMarch 31, 2014 at 1:23 pm #

    I’m so glad you joined us, Wendy. I was nervous without Deborah too, but we kept it together and I think we did an AWESOME job on Saturday! I was thrilled to have someone else with me…and we were the leaders for leg 4, and part of leg 5. We did it together!

    Now, tomorrow, on to hills ;)

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