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“My butt hurts and it’s all Devin Sherrington‘s fault!” (Use that in your new marketing campaign, Mr. 360fit!)

Now that I have your attention, it’s fully my glutes and it was totally self inflicted!

Since I was on vacation for the first two weeks of Team Myles 2014 training, this past Tuesday night (March 18) was my first night of hill training at Citadel Hill in Halifax with the group.

Twelve full out runs from the base to the top in less than 30 minutes with only a one minute break – 30 seconds up and jog/walk back. Doesn’t sound that hard, does it? Well try it.

It was later that evening when I started to feel the stiffness set in. Outside my gluteus maximus muscles, my quadriceps were also pretty tight – likely from the two runs we did backwards up the hill. It was an intense feeling, but I liked it.

The last two reps in that session were designed by Devin to be a ‘leave it all on the mat’ piece of the training. I ran it as fast as I possibly could. My cadence was measuring 252 at that point – my fastest ever. (Read this previous blog posting from February 6, 2014 for more details on cadence: The case for cadence.)

As I pen this posting now, my glutes and ….. To read the entire post click here to view my personal blog.

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