Myles’ Knee Trouble

Just recovering today from hill training last night. I just wanted to mention that I wasn’t able to complete all of the workout with the team since my knee started to hurt a bit during the sprints up citadel hill. Devin, our trainer, insisted that I listen to my body and stop before I really hurt myself. And that’s great advice for anyone preparing for the marathon. Listen to your body. I did manage to complete 8 of the 12 tough sprints to the top, and I walked to the top with the team when all was said and done. I think the team is doing amazing, they inspire me and that’s why it was so hard to not do everything with them. I have a plan! I’m going to make an appointment to have my knee looked at by a Physiotherapist. While I’m working to resolve any issues with my knee I will keep training! I have a membership for 360 fit. I will go and take some classes and work out the parts of my body that are not having any issues. That way I won’t lose any ground, and don’t worry teammates, you always have a cheerleader in me!

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