Let those records fall!

It’s been a great week of running over all. Late last week I broke my own personal record for 5K (to date anyway).

When I started running in January the most I could run in a 30 minute session was around 3K. In early February that number surpassed 4K in 30 minutes. About a month ago I pushed it hard and did 5K in 30 minutes.

Mid last week, after a 30 minute workout on the Bowflex, I was feeling good stepping on the treadmill. Within the first minute I increased the speed to 10 km/h. Continuing to feel great, at two minutes in I pushed it to 11 km/h. Again feeling great and the heart rate still in the mid-150 bbm range, at six minutes I cranked the speed up to 12 km/h.

At the 21 minute mark, I was feeling a little winded, so I dropped back to 6.3 km/h for a few minutes to catch breath and decrease my heart rate and then cranked it back up to 12.2 km/h for the home stretch.

In the end, I passed the 5K mark at … To read the entire post click here to view my personal blog.

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